Behind the Saber with Jaime King

July 10, 2013


Jaime King is an absolute trooper – and no, we’re not talking about one of Jango Fett’s descendants. Not only did she complete her leg of the relay yesterday at Skywalker Ranch while pregnant, she did it on a sprained ankle no less! Suddenly, all of our problems seem a little less significant, wouldn’t you say? King is no stranger to the Star Wars universe; she voices bounty hunter Aurra Sing and thief Cassie Cryar on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and she met her husband, director and Course of the Force runner Kyle Newman, while working on the set of Fanboys. So, as you can imagine, both Star Wars and Skywalker Ranch are pretty near and dear to her heart. We caught up with the multitalented King after she ran her leg of the race yesterday to chat about what Skywalker Ranch means to her, why she loves Star Wars and more.

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Course of the Force: Tell us, how did your segment go?

Jamie King: Mine was pretty easy! I was cracking up because I’m pregnant and I have a sprained ankle, but I wanted to contribute, so I was planning on hobbling along, but I was actually able to jog, so I was proud.

COTF: Not many sprained pregnant people can say that.

JK: Yeah, but you’ve gotta do it! My husband ran the majority of mine so I wouldn’t get injured.

COTF: Kind of tagged you in at the end?

JK: Yes, in a sort of symbolic move.

COTF: Very nice. How did you prepare for today’s run given your condition?

JK: Well, I went swimming in the Skywalker pool over there, took a hot shower, stretched. [laughs]

COTF: You were telling me that this isn’t your first time at Skywalker Ranch. What does this place mean to you and what’s it like being here for an event like Course of the Force?

JK: This place is a really sacred place for me. I’ve been coming here for about 5 or 6 years, every few months, whenever I wrap a project. I did the sound for my feature film that I wrote and directed here as well as a lot of my other films. I love it here because it’s so beautiful, it’s so peaceful and it’s a really great symbol of all the stuff George has created. It’s just one of the most beautiful places on the planet for me.

COTF: It’s my first time here and I’m blown away by how sprawling it is. It’s so scenic and serene.

JK: It’s so beautiful. So beautiful.

COTF: How did you get involved in Course of the Force?

JK: I got involved because of my affiliation with Lucasfilm, The Clone Wars, Make-a-Wish Foundation and Nerdist – I really wanted to support Chris. I just feel like it’s such a great thing to be here in a place that I love so much and support a charity that’s doing such amazing things and be with my friends – I can’t imagine anything better.

COTF: What does Star Wars mean to you? Why are you a fan?

JK: I’m a fan of Star Wars because it’s truly the most universal story that I think has ever been told. It’s a story that no matter what race, creed or color you are or what circumstances or environment you come from, you can connect to it. And I think that George Lucas created something so powerful that, all over the world, no matter what age you are, you can connect to the story. And that’s something truly amazing.

COTF: Last, but not least: who is your favorite character?

JK: Darth Vader.

COTF: Very nice. Thank you so much for your time!

JK: Thank you!

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